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Default Re: The legendary Steve Gadd.

Originally Posted by Pedro
Gadd can play the simplest thing with a feeling no one else can. He can make of a simple paraddidle a giant and geniouse groove.

Listen to the silence moments in the zildjian days video. He makes the silence "sing".

The more I hear him, solo and in band, the more I respect him and understand he's geniality.

In he's solo's he's able to make music with he's drums.

Gadd maybe can't play a hundred single beats a minute, but the way he creates groove and music with his drums is just increadible.

I hope you'll start liking him after some time.....

Try to listen to him playing with Paul Simon, Michel Patrucciani, etc....

Yep! I feel that's eactly what makes Gadd one of the greatest players of all time, making the silence inbetween the notes "sing", weither it be 32 notes or whole notes, there is that space, that makes the groove flow forward...

I think that's becasue Gadd plays the notes and God plays the silence.
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