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Originally Posted by illusive726 View Post
ok, so I know Josh Freese uses Remo Drum Heads. . .but what model??

Coated/Clear Emps for his toms I do believe, not sure of his bass or snare heads though.

The Oct 05 issue of Rhythm had an interview with him bout- his gig with Sting. He uses 8,10,12 toms and 16 floor, with 14" dark crisp hats, 20" dry crisp ride, two 18" full/power crashes and a 19" full crash and 8" and 10" splashes. all paiste sigs btw.

He's a terrific player, I think his creativity is definately his best asset. His work with APC was mind blowing, he suited that band so well. As a session player he gets around as well, I read an interview with him in a Z time back when he still played them which was a great insight into how he approached session work.

The only negitive thing I could say about him is that his technique (from what I've seen) seems to be mostly from the elbows and wrists, though the sounds he produces are still fine, so whatever works I guess.
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