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Originally Posted by Gibbersticks View Post
I completely agree with the whole trial and error thing BELIEVE ME I KNOW!!! I have 20 years of trial and error ( mostly error ) under my belt. But then if that is the only way learn things and get a little respect from your peers then why would anyone bother to take lessons? Is that being lazy and un-musical too then? Shouldn't we all help cultivate and educate the up and comming to creative and musical? I'm not saying give them all the answers but whats wrong with a little hint or clue. For someone to say "I'm playing 5's and 7's" well thats great!! Your not laying it all out for them but putting them in the right general direction and chances they will come up with something similar but different. And I hate generalizations that all drummers are lazy and un-musical. Are you?
i wouldnt pay for a lesson w/ vinnie to ask about a lick. id take a lesson w/ vinnie to discuss approaches to practicing or playing, technique, or concepts of playing. further, if i were interested in one of vinnies licks, then i would at least attempt to pay the man for his knowledge. i wouldnt expect him to respond when hes never met me b4 and now suddenly im in his face at the club begging for a peek at his tricks.

see the real issue here is that we have students out there trying to find the secret to having a fast foot or playing like vinnie. or they think that the secret to being successful in music is playing all of the flash. but there are no secrets truthfully. its all laid out for you to play it out. you just need to be able to go out there and figure it out. to me thats the real purpose of a teacher. when youre my student, my goal is to get you to the point where you are able to figure things out for yourself. then you can shape your own sound and take music in your own direction.

to me, it sounds like vinnie is running across folks that he feels are focusing on the wrong thing and he meets folks that dont want to put the time in to figure things out for themselves. if you want to get a handle on one of his licks, skip the lesson and dont talk to him about it, go to the club and get a seat right next to the drums and stay there, watching, every night until the gig is over.
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