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well, although his words may be a bit brash, if one person has EARNED the right to call it as he sees it, its vinnie. vinnie doesnt need to do anything spectacular, he knows his playing speaks for itself, which i believe is his point. also, why should he give up a secret or allow another drummer to cop a lick w/ a five minute lesson when it took him the better part of his lifetime to be able to play the way he does? i know its very tempting to ask players of that caliber how to play this or that but one day the young drummers out there are going to have to learn to do things the old fashion way....sit w/ a record, tape, cd, or video and put in the hours necessary to find out how NOT to play their favourite lick before they figure out how to play it. when jeff watts is asked "what are you playing?" he usually replies w/ a very cryptic "5's and 7's." this, to me, is a respectable answer. he didn't get the opportunity for a short cut, he put in a lot of work to develop his sound and he had to experiment to get there and once you do the same you will see how much his answer truly relates to the way he plays. dont deny yourself the opportunity of learning thru trial and error......remember its not about the end, its about the journey.
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