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Originally Posted by Gibbersticks View Post
Well first off sorry about my language in my last post, I shouldn't have done that. Sorry. Basically I didn't like what he had to say. From what he said about hating people asking him how he came up with this, and how do you do that. Calling most drummers today "lazy and non-musical" and that all anyone whats to see or hear is "razzle-dazzle". Yet he talks about himself as having an outlook on drumming that is "very visceral and conceptual and wide". I though he came across as narrow minded and self absorbed.

Well, if almost any other drummer had said that, i'd agree, but Vinnie.... The fact that many other drummers and musicians place him on a pedestal, and that he's clearly a very intelligent person anyway I think sometimes contributes to an, at times, aloof image. That said, many major players have the problem of not being able to analyse the chops they come up with, that's the beauty of their improvisational ability.

Anways, I won't be treated to that MD issue over here for a couple of months at least, so i wait in great anticipation.
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