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pity wy. you could really give us some insight into his philosophy etc. i would be guessing, but i think virgil knows he's not mainstream and that his drumming doesn't suit everybody. i would think he's fine with that...he knows what he does is incredible.

as i stated much earlier in this thread. it is nonsense to believe that virgil cannot do a great job on a simple (or simpler) drum beat...that's like saying someone who walked to the north pole is going to struggle walking down to the shops. its just that virgil prefers the long frozen wasteland hikes while at most i'm a ben nevis man.

i think its down to taste and style. virgil's taste in drums just isn't mine ...though...having said that, i have not i admit really sought his music out and given it a fair listen. but from the clinic i attended and the clips i've seen i know that, like with bozzio, i am amazed but not enduringly interested. if that makes sense.
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