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Default Re: Pics of your pets!!

Originally Posted by katman View Post
Those are nice pics. And cool-looking cats. You have 5? At one stage, when I was a kid, we had 9 cats and several dogs. My mom still has a bunch of animals. Here are some pics of her current zoo. The dachshund-looking dog is actually half Jack Russel. Her name is Arabella and she is friends with everything on the planet.
Well it started with 1 cat (Tigger) who I found as a stray. How can you resist a stray Calico like that. Well, when I got the cat in to get fixed I was informed that I couldn't get her fixed because she was pregnant. So hence the other 4 are her kittens. So, 5 cats wasn't the plan. They were born right around Katrina time around here, hence, finding homes for kittens wasn't very easy. I think my brother is going to take two of them soon. Bringing it down to a more reasonable number.
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