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some good responses. for my part i think virgil is interesting but i would not buy the CDs, fascinating but i would not go to all the clinics, amazing but i would not want lessons from him (actually i would but only a few simple things - complex to me but he would be very bored).

it is incredible what he can do both in speed and convoluted time but it does sound like drums falling off a cliff and down a scree slope... if that is music to you - fine. blast beats can sound like lawn mowers. these things exsist and some people get off on them. not me and i would guess not the vast majority of folks in the world. but who wants to always go with the flow? i feel a little pity for anyone who feels that this is the pinnacle of drumming achievement but that's their bag.

i like when virgil tells you what he's about to do and then does it super fast and neat. but that can only hold my attention for a while. i can listen to billy ward drumming all day or run the same steely dan track for weeks on end in my car or wash dishes to buddy rich 'mercy mercy' every night of the week. for virgil i have time for maybe one little clinic every year or two (and even then i switched off in the second half) ... but, that's just me. and probably a few others.
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