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Default Re: Pics of your pets!!

Originally Posted by SketcHyRollin564 View Post
yeah, people give the same bad rep to pitbulls and german shepards, when in reality they are really loving dogs. my friends got a german sheppard, and shes the most playful and happy dog ive met, next to my other friends german sheppard mix, and my pitbull mix.

so much for pitbulls and german sheppards being mean and agressive
I have some friends that have 4 pittbulls. All 4 are friendly. My 5 year old son hangs around them all the time. There has to be respect from both sides.
My girlfriends parents bred and showed Rottweilers and Bullmastiffs for many years.
there was a point where my g.f. and I took over her parents 2 acres and had, 5 rotts, 1 doberman, 1 akita, 2 shiba inus, 1 chihuahua, 1 bullmastiff and 2 australian shepherds. The bullmastiff was the goofiest, somewhat crosseyed 160 lb. male.
I bought my male rott from my g.f.s parents at ten weeks old from them. I had to put him down 2 1/2 years ago at the ago of 11 1/2. A very sad, sad day.
Anyway, depends on the parents (to a degree) and the upbringing/socialazation.
I would take my dog (Dauber) EVERYWHERE. But he was great in public. he would walk past you like you didnt exist. He knew you were there but didnt show it.

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