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Default Re: Pics of your pets!!

Originally Posted by nhzoso View Post
Rotty's are the best breed I have ever had and I have had quite a few. To bad some people have to raise them like idiots so they have a bad reputation. Mine is the most gentle, fun loving dog with more personality than alot of people I know.

We just switched insurance companies and they had a guy come out to check out our rotty before they would give us the policy and she licked his face to no end and sat in his lap the whole time, all he said is this dog is more friendly than my lab.

They really are great dogs.
yeah, people give the same bad rep to pitbulls and german shepards, when in reality they are really loving dogs. my friends got a german sheppard, and shes the most playful and happy dog ive met, next to my other friends german sheppard mix, and my pitbull mix.

so much for pitbulls and german sheppards being mean and agressive
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