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she a rottweiler? ive ALWAYS wanted one, but my parents wouldnt get 3 dogs. we actualy did have three for a while (newest addition was a jack russel, named kenya), but having 3 dogs, and having a jack russel thats a puppy, was just too much for us to handle at the time, so we had to give her away to some family friends. After that we never realy see her too much anymore, but we still do from time to time. my mom regrets giving her away now, because now shes a REALLY good dog. but alteast shes happy with her new owners. they dont have kids, and they are a young couple, so they have time to take her to the beach and play with other jack russel friends

Rotty's are the best breed I have ever had and I have had quite a few. To bad some people have to raise them like idiots so they have a bad reputation. Mine is the most gentle, fun loving dog with more personality than alot of people I know.

We just switched insurance companies and they had a guy come out to check out our rotty before they would give us the policy and she licked his face to no end and sat in his lap the whole time, all he said is this dog is more friendly than my lab.

They really are great dogs.
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