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Originally Posted by Morgenthaler View Post
This might help also. The quality isn't too good, but you'll get the idea for sure! Those who are settled on hating him will do that no matter what you show to them. For the rest of you, enjoy!
There's this irritating, persistent assumption that anyone who dislikes Virgil's playing does so for a reason other than that they have heard lots of his playing and think it's crap: "it must be because you don't understand what he's doing; you think it's cool to hate famous drummers; you're jealous"...the list goes on. People who hold this assumption apparently never stop to ask themselves why these same 'Virgil hataz" love Tony, Elvin, Vinnie. These three guys were or are also famous, also pushed the drumming envelope, also played complex material. Nor do they seem seem to ask themselves why a number of intelligent and experienced musicians can articulate just why Virgil is so grossly overrated.

What you've posted here is actually one of the better clips of Virgil I've seen. It's better because it's a pop gig where his passion for pointlessly complex patters which sound like excrement and make no musical sense is reigned in by an MD who knows what the job calls for, but what he demonstrates here is nothing to make him stand out from the huge number of other professional drummers who make their living playing similar gigs.

If you think this Australian Idol-esque gig is a demonstration of a drummer with soul, my advice is: don't finish that whole tub of Haagen-Daaz. I know he dumped you and I know it hurts, but it'll only go straight on your hips, and how are you going to attract a new guy looking like that?
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