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If you can appriciate Theadore's playing, you should be able to enjoy many historical jazz artists, funk, swing, salsa, and many free-thinking artits akin to that. It would be a very hardpressed opinion (and quite a sin) to state you *loooove* the Mars Volta, but cannot go outside the proverbial box and look for other musicians previous to them, with a much more Pure sound, showing clearly where the Mars might have constructed their sound from. This kind of music has been around for ages. Some call it "avant-garde" but really it's just a free expression of our inner most creativity without any thought toward what might be commercially exeptable. It's pretty cool. Theadore's playing is very loose, energetic, and he does often play "behind-the-notes", similar to what jazz musicians are good at doing.

This style gives the Mars Volta unique credibility in the indie-rock movement but doesn't nessesarily qualify the listener or audiences for having jaw-dropping music-credibility. To understand this music, or persue further the amazing loins of this enriching sound, travel back in time and 'get the feel' (wink wink) of music (latino, free-jazz, salsa, ska, funk, etc) for the madness. It isn't the context, but the 'sub-context' (if you will) that makes this music work. Whenever you've heard, say, "De-loused in the Comatoriun" a thousand times over and want something new, there is more, historically, to which offers that feel without over-wearing your sences on one record if you get my drift.

Case in point, consider Jon's playing (and the Mars for that matter) an open door to many new musical branches of creativity that just readily linger out there. Rock music isn't the only good music cranking out soul-palpitations of 'angst', love and heartbreak to which many can relate to.

i know this board is full of open-minded people, i was just saying it to hear myself talk AND for those that might Not be openminded.
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