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Default Re: Pics of your pets!!

Heres my two dogs. The pictures are pretty old, but ill mabey take new ones soon. The one with more white on it is a lemon colored beagle (no black, just white and light brownish tanish). His name is Boomer, and hes 6 as of now, and turns 7 february 19th (yes, i know my dogs birthday). Hes obsessed with food, and thats pretty much all he does: look for food, and fart. he farts alot, and when he farts, they smell BAD. we call it a "boomer blast". another thing about him, he likes to lie down on anything soft that he can possibly find, even my moms yoga matt. If im taking him outside, and sombody happens to open the car door, he runs to it, just to jump onto and sit on the car seat.

The dog with mroe brown on it is a Lab/Pittbull mix. Her name is Katie and shes 4 years old, and turns 5 at around boomers birthday (we dont know the exact date, but we just knew it was in february or march according to how many months old they said she was when we got her). Shes really playfull, and as big as she is, and even tho shes about to turn 5, she thinks shes still a puppy. She wags her tail and barks for no reason, all the time, and she loves to get a chew toy in her mouth, and run around the house asking for sombody to play tug-a-war with her. that, and she loves to come into my room at 2 in the morning and wake me up by licking me, just to ask me if she can sleep on my bed. even though im alergic to dog hairs, i still let her, as long as its where my feet are, and not close to my face. Oh, and if your wondering what name we gave her farts, its katie-kaBOOM. but she never ever farts, so we just gave them a name for the hell of it.

ok, now that i got the long description over with, heres some pictures (there not the best pictures, but its what i have)

katie just chillin in my room

boomer decides to lay down next to her

looks like she smells a fart

and now boomer's reaction to smelling his own fart?

so my other dogs just chillin at the pool trying to get away from the smell

looks like this guy isnt too happy about it either
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