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Human metronome... I'd like to see that. I simply don't think it's possible, *especially* in a live situation. To acheive this, it would have to be an unwaivering pulse for an extended period of time. I think it's possible over a short period of time, and close over a long period of time, but not something I'd call a metronome.

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I must say I'm becoming suspicious about just how many drummers are said to have precisely nailed the tempo of songs night after night or take after take. I've heard this about Carlos Vega, and I believe it, although that story was that the tempos would be 'virtually identical'. A band mate, who wouldn't know good drumming if it got up and gave him a haircut, recently told me that The Clash's drummer was known as a human metronome. I find this much harder to credit. And now Ringo...hmmm who knows?
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