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Nobody was arguing. People were observing. It's certanly not pointless. It is a fact that the song lags by a good 1/2 beat "in that area of the song". Take from it what you want. You may think that despite the tempo being all over the place in parts, it doesn't take away from the song in the slightest. You may think Bonham doesn't have great time or can't play to a click very well. You may think, "Who cares?" I happen to think "Womble's right, the tempo drags there. I still like the tune." Don't dismiss the tempo problem because you find it inconsequencial or didn't hear it.

Now go and listen to "All of My Love". The keyboard solo. JPJ hits two keys at the same time. *Somewhere* around 2:50 into the tune. It's a gaff but does it take away from the song?

I can also find instances where Simon Phillips clicks his sticks together by accident.

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but not such a big one as to describe it as screech skid etc. so it is a pointless arguement.

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