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Originally Posted by Tetley View Post
I have now listened to the incubus album in full, and it sucks. Obviously just my opinion and what do i know, but it sucks. i own 7 hours of incubus and 3 dvds and this is by far their worst stuff. I t just seems lacking in something. Love the single but there is a lot of stuff on the album that i just don't get, the opening track especially, along with the title track.

I even dislike Jose's playing, i never thought i would say that.

Really dissappointed as i was looking forward to it so much but oh well. I just hope that this isn't a sign of things to come.

Bring back Dirk Lance!!!!! Ben kenny just isnt the same, i still think that he's good and really liked the stuff he did on Crow left of the murder but he's just not as funky.

Anyway, my 2 cents, ignore me at will. I'm sure plenty of people will love it.

That's funny. I actually thought the contrary - that A Crow Left On The Murder was a disappointing album and that Light Grenades is very good. Granted, I still think there is something missing without Dirk. He really had that special touch on his instrument in Incubus' context, in my opinion. But this album is one of my favorites along with Make Yourself. And since we are speaking about Jose, I think his playing is tasteful on this last release and I really dig the sound and mix of the drums. To each his own I guess...
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