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IMO, Neil Peart is the greatest drummer of all time, both on a technical level, as well as a creative level.

Also, he has influeneced more people than any other drummer in history.

Now, I will say that he has lost some of his "perfection" over the years, and his creativity is starting to dwindle. I honestly think hes more into the writing of books, and motorcycling than Rush itself. Hell, after 30+ years somethings gotta give.

Now, lets take the drummers that the "kids" all love today, such as Travis Barker, Chris Adler Etc. When they reach the age of Neil Peart "55", I wonder how good they will be?? Because at 55, Neil Peart can still kick ass, and has forgotten more than the Barkers and such will ever know.

Neil is the Proffessor, and is the reason I wanted to become a drummer.

Subdivisions has got to be the best song to play along with, ever!!!!!!!!
Hey Dr. Hook. How are ya? Wow. I can really appreciate your passion for Neil Peart, as I am also a HUGE fan of his. But let me put it in perspective what you say here. A little more of a realistic take on NP:

1.) No. He's not the "greatest" of all time. Neither technically or creatively. Great as he is, that would certaintly be more describing Buddy Rich.

2.)No. He hasn't influenced more than Buddy or Bonham. Though he definitely has influenced many, many drummers. Me included.

3.)No. He hasn't lost "perfection" over the years. Don't confuse adaption with ability. And his creativity has changed, not lessened. I believe his family comes first, especially after what happened to him about 10 years ago(loss of his daughter and wife in less than a year). And his music is 2nd on his list of importance. It IS his bread and butter, ya know. His drumming and his song writing. As far as "somethings gotta give"... well... He still gives 100% of himself in whatever he is involved in. And soon you'll be seeing him in the movies, also. So stay tuned...

4.)Let's not compare Neil to the drummers of today. Adler and Barker are very accomplished in what they do with their style and ability. They are different in almost every way than NP. And, by the way, not that it's a big deal, but Neil Peart is 54 yrs. old, not 55. He'll turn 55 yrs. old on Sept. 12, 2007.

5.)Yes. Neil Peart has definitely earned the title "The Professor". Perfect name for his ability at drumming and writing.

6.)Yes. Subdivisions is a fantastic song. One of my all-time-favorite Rush songs. But to say it's the best song to play along with ever...well, you may get some to disagree with you on that.

Anyway, it sounds like your a true NP fan, so that would make ME a Dr. Hook fan. Thanks for your post about NP... Play On!

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