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Originally Posted by Deathmetalconga View Post
WOW, things happen fast with you. I'm 41 and my oldest kid is 9.

Someday I will become a grandfather and then I will truly feel like and old fart, but not till then.

You do look about 10 years younger - what's your secret?
Clean living.


Seriously, I am a vegetarian (no meat, no fowl, no fish, and very little dairy), no drugs or cigarettes (have to have my cigars, or what fun is life?), no alcohol (except digestivos), and I meditate and try to keep on an even keel mentally with as little stress as possible. My job is to help other people, and that gives me good perspective. The advice I always give to people who are troubled is to help others. While I love being a young grand-dad, it was horrible being a young dad. DO NOT HAVE KIDS UNTIL YOU ARE NO LONGER A KID YOURSELF! I think waiting until you are in your thirties (or at least late twenties) is best.

Plus good genes help. My mom is a great-grandmother, and she looks amazing and she's in great health. Her parents, who were of course great-great-grandparents, only passed away last year.

As far as things happening fast, I adopted my first child when I was twenty-two, and he's now twenty-one and a dad, too. So really I just got an early start.
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