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My Top 10 no order :

1) Wynton Marsalis "Black Codes (From The Underground)"
This 5tet is just perfect, Branford, Kenny Kirkland (rip), Charnette Moffet, and "Tain" who gave a new drum standard to the jazz drumming, something between Elvin (rip) and Tony (rip), this album changed my life !!!

2) Weather Report "Hevay Weather"
The best band ever, Man, what album !!! Badrena, Jaco, Auna, and those genius Wayne and Joe with whom I play sometimes, a dream !!!

3) Allan Holdsworth "Secret"
My bible, Vinnie IS the Boss of the Boss for me, and I would pay for playing with the incredible Jimmy Johnson on bass, a genius with an incredible sens of rhythm.

4) Sting "Bring On The Night Live"
Wow, in my opinion the best band (Kenny Kirkland (rip), Branford Marsalis, Darryl Jones, Omare Hakim, Dolette McDonald and Janice Pendravis) Sting had and also his best album, it's this way that pop music should be !!!
Omar on the drums, he was a King pushing this band, so hip and funky, yeah !!!

5) Stevie Wonder "Song In The Key Of Life"
Nothing to add more than his name, and what a drummer !!!

6) Toto "Hydra"
Jeff (rip), one the reason why I'm drummer, and in this album he plays, in a song named "Mama", one of his best shuffle in my opinion !!!

7) The Police "Synchroniciy"
Another reason why I'm drummer, Stewart Copeland, I choose this album, but I could take any Police album, I just hear perfection with this band.

8) James Taylor "Hourglass"
Just so classy, I would kill for playing with James Taylor !!! The great Jimmy Johnson is on bass, the late Carlos Vega (rip) does an amazing job on drums and percussion.

9) Wayne Shorter "Speak No Evil"
Wayne is really a genius and one of my favorite composer, and here Elvin (rip) drive the band like only him can do it, classy.

10) Fishbone "Give A Monkey A Brain And He'll Swear He's The Center Of The Universe"
One of my favorite band, they can play any style and they do it incredibly well !!! Fish on drums is an alien and definitely one of my biggest influence too.

PS : quick note for saying that on my top 10, by the by, the great Branford Marsalis appears on four albums, (Sting, Wynton Marsalis, Fishbone, James Taylor), Jimmy Johnson on two (James Taylor & Allan Holdsworth), and Kenny Kirkland (rip) also on two (Wynton Marsalis & Sting).

Originally Posted by NUTHA JASON View Post
hi roger

sorry to load you up with questions when you get back on the forum but here's another one...

in the August 1992 issue of modern drummer there was a great and useful article titled: THE 25 GREATEST DRUM RECORDS. because of it i bought steely dan's AJA in a time when i was almost exclusively addicted to AC/DC.
they wrote this article by researching across the industry but in particular they asked some of the top guys for their top ten selections. i'm hoping to do a similar thing here on DW and post the reults in a separate thread eventually.
So if you would be so kind please give us a list of your own top ten (perhaps your current top 10) records/albums. it would be helpful if you identified your favourite out of those and dropped in a line why it is so...but this is not totally necessary. think of it like if you were going to be locked in a remote log cabin for a whole winter, which 10 albums would you take, if 10 were all you could take?

Tain, Vinnie, Fish, Jeffrey and Stewart are the reason, many other great, and go The All Blacks !!!

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