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Default Re: Roger Biwandu here...

Hi Jason,

Thanks your message.

If I was young, I would jump on this new rudiment and eat it for being my own.
If this happened now, it's possible that I would not like to learn this new rudiment just because it's hip and that I have to do it for doing like everybody...
But in secret I would learn it anyway... :D

Originally Posted by NUTHA JASON View Post
hi roger

i'm asking all the pros this question. i think the answers could be very instructive to many of us.
let's say there was a totally new drum rudiment that was suddenly discovered and was so totally applicable that any drummer worth their salt would quickly try to learn it, master it and use it in recordings and gigs. this hypothetical new rudiment is quite hard to play and totally unrelated to any other rudiment. it is so good that you know that the next time you sit in on a session the writer is probably going to ask you to use it somewhere in their song.
my question is: starting from scratch what would be your way of learning it?

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