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Jason Dorn
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The legend he has probably been the second most influential rock drummer of all time behind John Bonham. I love everything about his playing his consistancy is second to none every note is played as intended the stick is the same height from the head the attacking angle the same. A machine he flows seamlessly through odd time and complicated multi time patterns. I noticed very early on long before I thought of becoming a drummer that there was something special about his playing he really took the progressive styling to a whole new level. I hear a Billy Cobham influence in his playing but where Billy had a little bit of slop (not a slam it was because he was pushing the boundrys and believed in preserving the integrity of the live performance) Neil strived to nail every part exactly the same every time. I have so much to thank this man for he has filled me with joy listening to his playing. He made me want to become a drummer I have only been playing 5 yrs but have been airdrumming since I can remember because of him. Also he has been an inspiration to me in life to continue drumming with the passion he has after the horrible tragedies in his life ( he lost his wife and daughter in the same year) drives me to overcome any obstacles in my life. Alot of people would say he is busy and doesnt play in the pocket but if you listen closley you will notice that he has a great ability to use space and not crowd the beat at all the appropriate moments. Imo the whole drumming world is a better place because of him.

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