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Anyway, I'd like to start recording drumss soon and I hear Mac is the way to go in that sense. REally, Ive seen a lot of very high spec PCs performing worse than my computer (2gb RAM, 512video??, 3.4ghz - according to windows..) and it makes me a little cautious about buying another PC.

Also, I hear that the PC architecture is very inefficient compared to Macs, then again Macs are rediculously expensive.
Other thing is that...PC parts are manufacture in a bazillion different locations and theres a million different companies making the parts, while MAC has specific products, macbook, macbook pro etc.

Bottom line thoe, for multitrack recording, which is better? d;
I think MAc. You?
Heh, another ex-386 user. I miss my 386, playing the original Prince of Persia and Steel Empire...

I'm not going to say either is really better to be honest. I'm running a Mac mainly for this (eventual...) purpose basically because of compatibility with what I have available to me at college, which is basically a load of Macs with Logic. I run a Mac with Logic, brilliant. I have no complaints about this setup, other than the fact that I'm now going to have to buy my audio interfaces etc at a later date. A few months ago I was seriously considering building a custom PC with a massive audio interface and all the gizmos I'd need to start recording built in, which is very much possible with a PC. In the end, for convenience's sake and for the sake of compatibility, I went with the Mac. That and the fact that I was pretty sick at the thought of having to use Windows XP 64 as my secondary OS (I would've been using Linux like I used to for every day tasks). So:

You can get a lot more for your money with a PC. No doubt. You can customise more with a PC than you can with a Mac (Mac Pros not included, Jesus look at the specs that are potentially available there, 9Ghz of DUAL CORE processing power, etc etc, but I'm talking consumer models here) and PC's tend to have more in the way of user support because of the ubiquity of PC's. The downsides are Windows as a secondary OS (if you run a dual boot) and the lack of specific product support if one of your components breaks down.

DAW software, like Logic or Cubase is usually fairly cross-OS orientated, with exceptions. Logic is basically for Macs (the older versions work on PC) and Magix Samplitude is for Windows. Which software you actually use is entirely your own choice.

Macs have advantages too. The stable nature of the main operating system is a big one for me. The ease and convenience they provide from the second they start to run and the fact that they have excellent product support is also a huge advantage. They are not as customisable in the consumer models and they are considerably more expensive. Personally, I like Macs for my work. Others may like PCs. It really is just personal preference and ultimately it comes down to a gut instinct. Both are ultimately probably both relatively the same in terms of objective assessment.
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