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Default Re: Mac Vs PC

Hmm...I've had 3 PC's in my life.
First was a 386, second was a 266mhz PII and this one is a 2.0 ghz Celeron, 228RAM, 32mb video.
Ya we're not the richest family in the world haha.
Well anyway, with this computer I've lost the HD twice due to various OS-inflicted bugs, never had a virus that actually did anything to my system. You know, its nice and convinient but the HD lockdowns really irritate me haha, I contemplated installing debian or something of that sort but thinking about the rest of my fam. who arent quite at home with computers, I chose not to.

Anyway, I'd like to start recording drumss soon and I hear Mac is the way to go in that sense. REally, Ive seen a lot of very high spec PCs performing worse than my computer (2gb RAM, 512video??, 3.4ghz - according to windows..) and it makes me a little cautious about buying another PC.

Also, I hear that the PC architecture is very inefficient compared to Macs, then again Macs are rediculously expensive.
Other thing is that...PC parts are manufacture in a bazillion different locations and theres a million different companies making the parts, while MAC has specific products, macbook, macbook pro etc.

Bottom line thoe, for multitrack recording, which is better? d;
I think MAc. You?
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