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Default Re: Mac Vs PC

My PC is up most of the time. So, I don't care about boot up and shutdown.

My laptop does get booted up and shutdown more often. Yes, it takes a while. But compared to the 10 minutes I used to wait back in the old days...I can suffer.

Agree, for the novice is less of an issue on a Mac. That will probably always be true...PC users need to get educated on this. It's only going to get worse....lot's of bad people out there....:-(

I'm sure a Mac has better specs on some programs (maybe even many) compared with a "comparable" PC. But at this point, PC's and Mac's are so damn fast....It shouldn't make a difference. If there is one program you really want/need to use and they only make it for the Mac....I'd research and try to find something close on the PC. I would not recommend buying a Mac based on the desire to run 1 or 2 specific programs...

Anyways, that's my $0.05,
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