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Good good good, now we're getting to an understanding.

My only point would be that now the Mac user has all the options that a Windows user used to have and still does, because Macs can basically run other OS's. If I wanted to run Windows, I could run Windows and I could easily play something as a PC gamer if I wanted to. The fact that I do not choose to does not mean that I can't. It would be interesting to see what would happen if companies actually bothered setting up their BIOS settings correctly. It really would. I know a lot of the computers I see are poorly set up and as a result run slowly. I also believe that the Windows architecture wastes a lot of your system potential, which the Apple computers fully utilise. Really, this is not a PC/Mac debate, it's an OS/X/Windows XP (Vista) debate and I know which I prefer. In fact, if I ran a PC, I'd run Linux anyway, I never wish to run Windows again after my ten years of Windows drudgery and another four with DOS 6.0 and 5.0 as a toddler.

Of course owning a PC has advantages, like basically unlimited hardware options, but if you want to buy a computer as a computer and not customise (as about 85%-90% of the market buy whole computers) then Macs have numerous advantages to badly-built and setup PCs.
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