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Originally Posted by Tama Player View Post
I do see your point there MFB, BUT. If have the right systems and settings on your PC, then of course its going to open in 20 seconds. When I first got my computer as soon as it started I changed all of my settings in the bios and in the control panel. Its alot more complicated then most people think. You are right, a new mac user would do better on a mac rather than a PC, but if you are expeienced then a PC opens up worlds of things. A mac however, does not give so many options as to which how you would like your computer to run. I really dont have that big of a problem with macs, really. I just do not intend to use them. Maybe in the future I may buy one, but nothing in the NEAR future.

Murph probably has some expierence with computers, thats why he hasnt had problems with his. My computer has not ever crashed, froze or has gotten on a 100% full CPU usage which I use the Task Manager to monitor. Theres just so many ways we could go on and on about this. I believe I have made my point and I believe that the Mac users have too.

agreed, no hard feelings.
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