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Basically, as far as I see it, PC's have to have a fair amount extra in terms of specs to actually outperform like-for-like tasks (like startup and shutdown, especially startup) over their Mac counterparts. My iMac is working within twenty seconds of pressing the power button and when I say working, I don't mean the initial ten second Windows 'freeze' whilst it's bastardising your system, I mean actually being able to run it fully as if it had already been running for half an hour. Open programmes, anything. It just works.

And Murph, you've had no problems with your Dell Laptop, that's fine. You probably have a vague semblance of what you're actually doing with the security, and how not to get viruses. The simple fact of the matter is that if you put a 'naive' user on a Windows PC and a Mac, it's obvious who'll have most viruses and crashes the quickest.
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