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Originally Posted by Mediocrefunkybeat View Post
As a recently converted Mac user, all I can say is that in the last two months, I've had ONE software crash and that was MSN, written by, guess who, Microsoft. I could run Windows if I wanted to, and the actual specs of the Mac become irrelevant when compared with Windows based systems because they Windows architecture is built on bottlenecks. I could have a 2.8 Ghz PC with Windows and it wouldn't outperform my new 2.0 Ghz iMac, even with the same 1 GB of RAM. I'm also an ex-Linux user, and the Linux I ran (Ubuntu) was easily twice as fast as the Windows XP I had on the dual boot system. Specs are utterly irrelevant.

And guess what? If I wanted to, I could put Windows on here with absolutely no problems. My girlfriend recently bought a MacBook, it outperforms her family's Windows Laptops despite having a technically lower spec, after three months their laptops were crashing all over the place, left right and centre, after a month on her MacBook, there hasn't been a SINGLE crash. Not one. Nada. Not even a software crash, let alone the full hardware crashes she was constantly getting on the Windows Laptops.
Thank YOU. TAMA player doesn't seem to get the dual boot feature. you either love it or you hate it. alot of ppl love to hate it because there ignorant. i used to say mac sucks bla bla bla. but then i really got to use them for Photoshop and final cut pro and just the beauty and ease of use. wow. i love them and WILL never go back. and if tamaplayer is talking about vista being advanced think again. everything in vista is taken off of tiger by the time that is in full tilt mac will be 2 OS's Ahead! i'm not trying to be a dick or anything, but you are comparing a great very durable and nice looking mac to a cheap PC. you have to realize when a company makes there own hardware they DO IT RIGHT> laptops/desktops made by dell, acer or even sony don't come close. and yes like MFB stated, specs are completely different, because the software designers can utilize the hardware well. windows does not, my 1.5GHZ core solo mini will blow a 2ghz PC outta the water.

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