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The old Mac vs. PC discussion. There was a much stronger debate on this when Windows first came out. Back then, tons more Mac users than today. I had a Mac back when they had 40M hard drives...That was about 1990ish. I bought my first PC from Dell about 10yrs ago. Never had a single problem with it. Never go a virus. Never had it crash. About 5yrs ago I upgraded with another PC from Dell. Still...Never got a virus...Never had it crash. When I say crash, I mean loose the hard drive. I've had it lock up on me, but never have lost anything....On either PC. 2 years ago, got a PC laptop from Dell. Never got a virus...Never had it crash...

In the work world...very, very few people use Macs. I've worked for companies with 15 people and 15,000 people. Both use PCs. You may find the rare Mac here and there, but for the most part PCs dominate. Better support, better applications, lower cost.
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