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Default Re: Mac Vs PC

I had to make the same decision some weeks ago.
I almost bought a Macbook Pro, but then I found the ASUS A8JS. A Macbook Pro with the same power would cost about 2500$ and the ASUS Laptop was 1600, it has a built in camera, is slightly smaller (I wanted a laptop that was I could actually lug around), has a better graphics card than every macbook out there, 120 GB and well, as I already said, same or even more power (especially for gaming due to the better graphics card) for less money.
If you were going for a 17' (since the Asus is a 14.4' widescreen) I'd recommend the Toshiba Sattelite P100 series. Those with the Geforce Go 7900 eat Macbooks for breakfast concerning gaming power and can easily cope with the "working power" of Macbook Pros for far less money.
Of course, If you're a fan of MAC you'll prefer all those special gimmicks and the software and what not, but in the end PC and MAC aren't that different and it's a matter of taste, if you're rational, don't pay for the name or the design, pay for the power you need.
John Lemon
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