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Originally Posted by wnameth View Post
hahaha, wait a couple years for apple. they both run on the same processors now, YOU CAN RUN WINDOWS XP fully on a mac, and boot between them, HOW CAN a PC be better, i have windows XP pro on my mac mini, but i don't really use it that often. it's there if i need it, i also stream everything from my computer to my 360, so all my music/etc.

I don't get why someone would buy a PC because they think macs can't use all the windows crappy programs? you can run windows and i am yet to find something i can do on windows that i can't on a mac, go the other way, there is so much a mac can do that windows cannot. and mac MAKES their own HARDWARE. pc you have to buy crappy dell hardware which is ugly as hell. i'm not trying to fight with anyone on this, it just pisses me off that some of you are arguing without knowing all the facts. and ya, tamaplayer, i am sure PC is gonna be better in a few years, but now, there about 4 years behind mac and in 2 more they will be what a year or so behind, and hey, if there so good, i can just run it on my MAC? so i think a mac is a win win situation.


I dont think you understand whats going to happen. Macs are not as GREAT as you put them up to be. Who says you have to buy a Dell? Have you even walked into a best buy recently and looked at the compter section. I think not. Look at this. You see that, now look at the price, SOLD OUT. Its only 364.99$. Ok, now lets look at a Mac. here. Yeah, sure its a little better. Somemore GB's but look at that price tag. 2,400$. Now I would not ever spend that much money on a fricken CPU. No monitor, no keyboard, the CPU. Well, your gonna say, " well its only more expensive because its better" Well, ok Im gonna reply to that before I give you that chance, wnameth. That thing is worth at MOSt 1200$ not 2400$. It may have some more features and all that jazz, but not 2400$ worth.

When you say that Windows is four years behind, you are mistaken my friend. How can you prove to me there behind 4 years. Other than the fact you think all the programs are better then PC's. Please, tell me.

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