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Default Re: Donny Gruendler here!

Hello Jason,
As for the Haskell Harr book -- shoot me an e mail from the contact page of my site If you provide me with your address, I would be happy to send a book your way....

As for the top ten recordings, that is a super tough decision. However, here area list of my all-time favorites (that seem to always end up in iPod playlist):

1. David Sanborn - Upfront -- Steve Jordan on Drums
2. Miles Davis - "Workin'" - Philly Joe Jones on Drums
3. John Coltrane - Crescent - Elvin on Drums
4. Prince - Greatest Hits and the B sides
5. Stevie Wonder - Songs in the Key of Life
6. Hitsville U.S.A. - Motown Box set
7. Led Zeppelin I
8. Count Basie - The Complete Atomic Basie (Sonny Payne on Drums)
9.James Brown - Greatest Hits
10. Chick Corea - The Leprechaun - (Gadd on Drums)

Talk to you soon,
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