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Originally Posted by d.c.drummer View Post
because mac apps such as iPhoto, iDVD, iMovie, Gargage Band, Time Machine and a host of other apps are better than thier pc counterparts.

And, if you price a mac and a pc to the same specs, macs are cheaper. (try it yourself)
What you are saying is partially true. But PC's are now becoming more advanced. New programs such as Propeller Head 4 will be coming out for PC's soon. Thats the program I cant wait for, its supposed to be the best mixer program on the market (it better be its a 500$ program!), WAY better than 3. This program will not be compatible with Macs though. I called the guy from Windows and I have permission to say a little more about what they are doing. They are actually going to completely alter the Windows program and it will be better. They are NOT however, going to change the opperating system though. I checked and made sure. They are making the new Windows completely fresh and brand new, free of all viruses that only will effect the old Windows. Thats all I am able to tell you right now, but you will hear more about this in the near future.

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