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Default Re: Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz here!

Originally Posted by Womble View Post
Hey Jon, in all honestly if I'm really bugging you then just tell me and I'll leave you alone - I'm not the type to take offence, and I already know that I annoy the hell out of certain people! But I still don't agree with you here. I don't see how you can separate Vinnie's chops from his creativty.
I don't separate them, but many people do, and they focus on just the playing with little regard (or concept) as to how the parts originate. At any rate, I only dragged Vinnie's name into the thread because he seems to be universally well-respected (as opposed to many drummers who people like to dis), and it was with regard to the extent to which learning drums parts can be taken (which was in regard the approach to learning the imaginary rudiment.)

No problem on the discussion, if everyone was in 100% agreement on everything, forums would slow to a crawl.

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