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i don't know what you guys are talking about. I HAVE never got a virus on a mac, i have never heard of anyone who has, being a technician for a windows or PC store would say different, thats why there always fixing VIRUS filled PC's. it is because the OS is built well. Windows is horrible. Tiger has things such as expose' and hot corners. and now with Leaopord on the way, we will see amazing things. VISTA is a straight up copy of Tiger, like the widgets and all were copied. and about the mac OS having virus protection software, it's just windows based software companies trying to take advantage of people who are new to mac. WHen i was in retail for apple, i never once told someone to buy Norton ANTI-virus. It is simply not needed. i do however respect microsoft for the 360 as that is the only Microsoft product along with Office: mac that i use. Lets see, Logic is amazing, Final Cut Pro HD kills that adobe crap for windows, and when you buy a mac you get ilife 06 which is just amazing. iPhoto, there is nothing like it for windows.

please show me where i can get a virus for a mac without opening a file then typing in my system password. You see thats the difference between windows and mac, a mac is smart, and is built in a UNIX based oporating system. And i do not work for them anymore, so no this isn't just because I work there. I download torrents, and i've never gotten a virus, i have movies and over 5000 songs in my itunse with no problems, it works with every thing. never had any problems in the last 4 years with any of the macs in our house.


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