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And that was the extent to which I meant that, since it's his chops that everyone raves about, and rarely his creative decisions.
Hey Jon, in all honestly if I'm really bugging you then just tell me and I'll leave you alone - I'm not the type to take offence, and I already know that I annoy the hell out of certain people! But I still don't agree with you here. I don't see how you can separate Vinnie's chops from his creativty. What Vinnie plays with his hands and feet is inextricably linked to what's happening in his mind. People don't want to play like Vinnie so they can set new hand and foot speed records; there are much faster players. People don't want his doubles; Gadd and JR pwn him in that respect. People don't want his press roll; Art Blakey would have killed him. People want to play like Vinnie because they want his brain They want the astounding stickings and patterns that come to him naturally to come to them in the heat of the moment, but this will never happen because they're not Vinnie! No amount of practice will deliver that to them.

Nor, it must be said, have I ever known anyone who wanted Vinnie's technique alone. People listen to 7 Days and think "Man, I wish I could have come up with that part", not "Man I just wish my right hand was fast enough to execute those 16ths, but I would have differed from what Vinnie played and come up with something cooler".
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