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Originally Posted by d.c.drummer View Post
WHAT? Number 1, macs dont get viruses. Number 2, PCs aren't going to better than macs anytime in the near future. PCs are trying to look like macs and Microsoft is revamping its entire operating system to emulate mac features but, it will never be better. Vista is a joke becasue Microsoft computers are going to crashing left and right tryning to run mac like features. By the time you upgrade your computer enough to be able to run Vista properly, you might as well get a mac (which are not that expensive anymore) and get the real thing.
Well, Number 1, Read my 2nd post. Number 2., Yes PC's ARE going to get WAY better than Macs. Microsoft IS NOT trying to emulate Mac whatsoever. They dont need to alter there operating system. I really wish I could tell you what they were doing because you wouldnt say half the things you are saying. When you upgrade, I automatically think MAC, do you know why? They need to be updated frequently as I have mentioned before.
Trust me, I used to love Macs, but now since I have found out what windows are doing, not anymore.

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