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Originally Posted by Tama Player View Post
Yes that is BS, Macs CAN get viruses, but defintley not as many as a PC could. Macs are sometimes more expensive than PC's and they have to be updated consistanty. I do not like to use Macs as I am Windows certified. PC's are coming out with some new software I am not able to share with you at the moment, but I can say that PC's in the next year are going to be WAY better than a Mac (I have connections with Windows). Dont get me wrong, Macs are a very useful instrument and be helpful in many ways. I just do not prefer to use them, as DB said, not a Mac hater nor am I a lover of them.

WHAT? Number 1, macs dont get viruses. I have never come across a mac virus in my 7 years using Mac. Every year or two a malware comes out which is easily remedied and not easliy introduced or spread. Macs are built from the ground up to resist viruses. They dont downaoad and run things automatically and the code it is built on is much more secure.

Number 2, PCs aren't going to better than macs anytime in the near future. PCs are trying to look like macs and Microsoft is revamping its entire operating system to emulate mac features but, it will never be better. Vista is a joke becasue Microsoft computers are going to crashing left and right trying to run mac like features. By the time you upgrade your computer enough to be able to run Vista properly, you might as well get a mac (which are not that expensive anymore) and get the real thing.

Number 3- macs dont need constant costly upgrading. like i said before, in 9 years my dad has only put about 400 dollars into his computer and good chunk of that was adding more hardrive room.
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