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Originally Posted by wnameth View Post
okay, THAT is BS, i worked in an apple store as a technician, SHOW me a virus, there has never been an actual virus for a mac, there was one trojan, that had to be opened in an email a while back. you are wrong again. My mom is using a 7 year old mac, it burns dvds, she uses it for email, internet Microsoft Office, among other things. so no, you are wrong. honestly, macs are amazing for everything. GO with the mac anson89
Well, just think about it. Were there viruses for the first "advanced" computers? No, it took a little while before the viruses and other computer disruptors came along. But with Macs, they havent been out to long and trojans and some spyware along with malware is already starting to pop-up. Now think about THAT, stuff is ALREADY coming out even more through which means Macs will probably end up even worse than a PC would. Yes, PC's can get numerous viruses, ok , yes we got that now, There is not a virus, per say. There is already one( that of which I know of) and more in the making. Just like dog Breath said, why would they have all of the anti-spyware applivations along with anti-VIRUS software if the is NO viruses? Why would they have this if there is no viruses? What about this? Look at the left in the blue box with all of the links. Look at ALL of those protection software. Now tell me there isnt a virus without being a smart-allic?

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