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One of my favorite clips from the "Le Zenith" DVD.

Paich's vocal is SWEET, I've always loved his voice. He had a rock-solid groove to lay that down on.

As for Jeff's playing?
Why does this groove smoke like it does?

It's all about the hats on the intro---("& one")those hats don't bark; they hiss.
That's a slinky, snake-like little thing. Having read Greg Rule's DRUM! article (1991), I remember Jeff's quote that he still hadn't gotten his hi-hat foot technique where he wanted it.....but, to my ear, he was flawless.
**WATCH MIKE: He's just so locked into his brother's playing he can't help but move......!

The colours Jeff got with just the hat.............WOW, folks.
He'd tell Robyn Flans he had no chops. HIs playing proved him wrong on so many levels.
We could all learn from that modesty and humility.

What a loss.


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