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Default Re: Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz here!

Just to clear that up (if anybody has gotten it wrong): When I said that I would love to give that gig a shot (if Bermuda ever wants to quit) was only meant as a compliment. Really, I think it must be an extremely challanging gig to play because it consists of more than just playing one style - its many styles and A LOT of other work that comes with it.

That Bermuda is playing this gig since more than 20 years is nothing but great and I admire that big time. But if he ever gets bored with it - I'd love to try it out. And yes: I do sing (not really good though) and I am quite informed about drumcomputers, software sequencers and all that kind of stuff. Just saying this, because Bermuda was asking me that earlier.

I don't believe that this is an attack or an insult. It was only meant as a compliment. Really, I am jealous of that gig. It must be a lot of fun to play.

And about all that Vinnie wreck that happened here: I think you guys misunderstand each other. The way that I understood Bermuda is that anybody can achieve the same motoric level that Vinnie (or any other guy) has if you put in enough work. I agree with that. BUT you will always sound different because - and I think thats what rubbed Womble in the wrong way even though Bermuda wasn't saying that - there is SO MUCH more than only technical ability: There is a certain feel and sound and timing that is individual to each drummer and that cannot be copied. PLUS - what really makes Vinnie so good is his inventiveness and his spontaneus ideas. And nobody will ever be able to copy that because only Vinnie has the brain of Vinnie. Easy as that.

So in other words: You might be able to play a piece of music exactly like Vinnie played it if you had a record, made a transcription and worked your ass off. You might even get close to his sound, if you would use the same drums, heads, sticks, mics etc.... But if you would play that piece of music without ever having heard Vinnies version - you'd end up playing something completely different.

I think this is one of the major traps of the whole Forum thing - sometimes it is hard to put complex thoughts into the right words in a way that anybody will understand.
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