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Default Re: Billy Ward here!

still a great answer. wish i was one of the two.

and on what elvin said. i have found that if i keep up a schedule of 5 hours a day i burn out after a few weeks. so it does make sense. i guess it is helpful to separate technical excellent practice from applicable fun practice. one hour of technical practice at a high degree of performance a day sounds right. the fun stuff (creatively applying something already covered melodically over the kit or jamming to discs or free soloing) can be done for hours and very often i get sad when i see that its time to make supper and get off the kit. same thing at gigs really. we're supposed to do two sets of 45 mins at most of our gigs but we try as often as possible to get away with 2 hours - some places just let us play as much as we like. they all pay the same but for me the money i get paid is for the shlep of travelling, setting up and affording the gear...the actuall playing i would do for free (and have way back in the past even paid for that priviledge).

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