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Originally Posted by Tama Player View Post
Yes that is BS, Macs CAN get viruses, but defintley not as many as a PC could. Macs are sometimes more expensive than PC's and they have to be updated consistanty. I do not like to use Macs as I am Windows certified. PC's are coming out with some new software I am not able to share with you at the moment, but I can say that PC's in the next year are going to be WAY better than a Mac (I have connections with Windows). Dont get me wrong, Macs are a very useful instrument and be helpful in many ways. I just do not prefer to use them, as DB said, not a Mac hater nor am I a lover of them.

okay, THAT is BS, i worked in an apple store as a technician, SHOW me a virus, there has never been an actual virus for a mac, there was one trojan, that had to be opened in an email a while back. you are wrong again. My mom is using a 7 year old mac, it burns dvds, she uses it for email, internet Microsoft Office, among other things. so no, you are wrong. honestly, macs are amazing for everything. GO with the mac anson89
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