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Default Re: Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz here!

Originally Posted by SLEEPY BRiGHT EYEZ View Post
Bermuda, when you have to play a song live that has several snare sounds as you mentioned earlier, do you use the pads in your kit for some of this, or are the sequences you trigger from the pads contain these extra sounds?
For live, things are a bit less meticulous. It's not an excuse to perform poorly or change the vibe of the song, but we're also allowed to be a live band. We have a lot of help at times from my sampler, keyboard player's sampler, and video. In the case of the songs with the snares, we did perform part of it in a medley, and I played it just on the kit, no extra snares or sounds.

But it also depends on the song in particular. For It's All About The Pentiums (Puff Daddy's "All About The Benjamins") I employ the same drum loop and hat loop that was on the record, and play over that - which is how we recorded the song - in order to get the proper flavor of the song. Without the loops, it would be noticeably sparse.

But for the U2 song, the additional snares don't make the same contribution to the song to warrant sequencing them for live.

With enough prep and samples, we could certainly make any of the songs sound like they do on the records. But it's okay to be live, and the rules are relaxed a little.


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