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Default Re: Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz here!

Originally Posted by X22 View Post
I'm curious on why you're asking or why Womble is even counting the number of snare sounds. Are you saying that Al has become meticulous on trying to accurately duplicate the sound/style of the tunes he is parodying?

Is this a new development or is it strictly something he tries to acheive on actual song parodies? I ask because on the "Hooked on Polkas" tune from many years ago, you are nothing close to copying Alan White's "Owner" fill. But on another track you guys cover the Huey Lewis tune and the guitar (Rick Derringer?) is pretty accurate.

Let me point something out - Hooked On Polkas was recorded almost 22 years ago.

Now, let me ask you a question, how were your drumming skills 22 years ago? Did you get better since then? Well guess what - so did we. Al's demand for perfection has simlarly grown, and we've grown along with it.

Sure, if you wanna go back 20+ years, it's easy to say that there are parodies which don't sound nearly-exact to the original. As time went on, our skills at the task vastly improved. Listen to something from the last album or two or three or four... or five... or six... and then tell me truthfully that we're "nothing close" to the original parts. As for the polka medlies, they're accordian-based re-arrangements of excerpts of hit songs, and there is seldom an intention to duplicate parts and sounds from the originals. Should I have played the Alan White lick better? Yeah, I suppose if the polka tempo wasn't quite a bit faster than the Yes track, and if (then-producer) Rick was as meticulous as Al, I would have had a better chance at getting it exactly right.

BTW, the reason I proposed that people listen for the snares, is because of the perception some have that my shoes are easily filled. Those who are counting are trying to prove a point. And so am I.


PS: Rick did not play the guitar on I Want A New Duck, Jim West did.

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