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Default Re: Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz here!

I'm curious on why you're asking or why Womble is even counting the number of snare sounds. Are you saying that Al has become meticulous on trying to accurately duplicate the sound/style of the tunes he is parodying?

Is this a new development or is it strictly something he tries to acheive on actual song parodies? I ask because on the "Hooked on Polkas" tune from many years ago, you are nothing close to copying Alan White's "Owner" fill. But on another track you guys cover the Huey Lewis tune and the guitar (Rick Derringer?) is pretty accurate.

Originally Posted by Womble View Post
Damn you man, I've just spent about $1.50 downloading a U2 song, and I $%&$ hate U2!! But anyway...

I hear 2 in the intro fill, separate from the tom; 1 more in the next section; 1 more in the fill leading into the verse; 1 more in the verse; the snare leading into the chorus is the same as the one leading into the verse; 1 more which falls on beat 2 of the chorus (the snare on the 'and' of 2 during the chorus is I think the same one from fills before the verse and chorus); then there's another, filtered, snare sound in the third verse; and possibly a final 1 on the 'e' of 3 in the outro, but it's pretty hard to hear beneath the strings.

So my guess comes to...6, maybe 7?
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