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Hey Nutha -

I don't have any students that come weekly. Or even yearly! There are, in fact, only one or two people who have had more than one lesson with me...ever.

I can't honestly answer a fictitious kind of question such as yours. I have no game plan. I would llike to think that I would know what to say to crack the nut (so to speak) with your fictitious student - but maybe not. I teach maybe two or three private lessons per year. That is all my schedule allows. So I am not the guy to offer advice on a teaching "program". I deal with each student instinctively and hopefully am able to help them. I love teaching - I love helping out! this is why I make the DVDs and participate as much as I can - trying to reach as many as possible. sorry I can't be more of a help.

Elvin Jones once told me that practicing more than an hour a day is a waste of time. There are many perspectives on practice. i think one should practice technically - and THEN have some fun on the drums.. and THEN try to push the envelope musically a bit and tape what is going on.
then repeat the next day.
Meanwhile - listen to music and learn. follow your heart.
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