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Originally Posted by d.c.drummer View Post
Also now that Mac can be FULLY compatible with ALL programs, the restriction issues aren't valid anymore. Plus i never feel restricted because most of the good programs for geeks like me are on mac anyway.
I was looking at a government website yesterday and there was a message that said basically that to use the interactive parts of the site, turn off pop-up blockers and use a PC rather than a Mac. And of course we've all been in the computer stores with aisles and aisles of software titles, and one little Mac "ghetto" with twenty titles crammed onto one shelf. Sure Macs are much more compatible with Windows programs these days, but one can just as easily make the argument that Windows-based PCs are more able to do things that only Macs used to be able to do.

I know that wasn't the original question of this thread. Plus our favorite website was created on a Mac. I'm not at all a Mac hater. Maybe just lazy? lol
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