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So, question: How many snare sounds are there in that song? And no guessing - you have to tell me where each sound is used.
Damn you man, I've just spent about $1.50 downloading a U2 song, and I $%&$ hate U2!! But anyway...

I hear 2 in the intro fill, separate from the tom; 1 more in the next section; 1 more in the fill leading into the verse; 1 more in the verse; the snare leading into the chorus is the same as the one leading into the verse; 1 more which falls on beat 2 of the chorus (the snare on the 'and' of 2 during the chorus is I think the same one from fills before the verse and chorus); then there's another, filtered, snare sound in the third verse; and possibly a final 1 on the 'e' of 3 in the outro, but it's pretty hard to hear beneath the strings.

So my guess comes to...6, maybe 7?
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